Counselling - Non Conventional especially. @ Counselling Wellness Centre, where soulful approaches toward therapies are utilized!
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Food For The Soul!
Practical solutions within realism for especially stress relief, some insights;
Burn candles & blow the problems away, write problems down, put it into balloons and free it up in the skies, write problems down on toilet paper, flush down the toilet, write problems down on paper, wrap paper up and through it away, punch a punching bag, write problem/s down on presentation board/s, rub it out afterwards, have a diary write your feelings down discuss these with a holistic counsellor, for insights into understandings!! Holistic counsellors are good at eg dream therapy & analyses as well. Another interesting tip could be after each day ends, reflect over what happned, & tomorrow begin new, after sleeping about 6 hours! For more on sleeping tips etc contact Counselling Wellness Centre!
Wanting more info brilliant books to read is: 
- "Overcoming traumatic stress". A selfhelp guide using cognitive behavioral techniques. Herbert & Ann Wetmore.
- Practical NLP. All you need to get started. Flash. (
For these and many more tips contact the Counselling Wellness TODAY Your Centre 4 tranquility @ your service!!

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