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Holistic Wellness (HW) Consultation/ Coaching (C/C) Sessions Especially Offered @ Counselling Wellness Centre PTA East South Africa:


Short introduction continued, special message from Counselling Wellness Centre: Physical (soma-body), psychological (i.e. emotion, cognitive etc (psychol) as well as the spiritual (soul)  parts of a person can-not be seperated from each other; (dualistically/ monistically): These need to be treated/ evaluated in unison eg anti mechanistically to ensure effective wellness over-all of an individual/s on various levels of e.g. Functioning/ coping- temperamental/ health promotion & coaching/ prevention etc. Psychological problems (i.e. smoking, experiencing trauma/ experienced trauma, abuse, loneliness, emotions etcDOES influence eg bodily systems, as well as spiritual feelings, & Physical ailments influences the mind (psyche) as well as soul (spirit) & all together vice versally. HOLISTICALLY problems can be combatted/ prevented from causing further problems (known as eg snowball effect/s), by e.g. catching & identifying the cause/s with much, much less dangerous/ deadly & no addictive eg side effects for you &/ others.


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Successfully beat all the side effects (which some can be fatal sometimes) of stark (dosed) lab tested / unnaturally manufactured linear & cause effect clinical/ chemical/ radiotic /synthetic unorganic petro- chemic medicine (drugs), as well as eg 1 dimensional psyche therapies which only focus on mind/ body dualism, (not even mentioning e.g. non-pathological dianoseses), rather follow longlasting sustainable/ effective alternative routes toward real health via Counselling Wellness Centr Branch S.A.
This very popular option's sessions are in total primarily focused on real holistic health as well as wellbeing (HHWB) (not only e.g. Prevention of dis-ease/ treating symptoms, or interactional wellness alone etc) these composes of eg physical/ psychological/ soulful (& related) etc overall-wellbeing which may include any of the following, & more depending on the clients context/ choices/ problems/ related etc:


- Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analysis click HERE 4 a further preview; (applied to this machine only; which can be applicable to this service option as well).
- Counselling & coaching various types; (Holistically; as applied in this section) click HERE 4 a further preview regarding the former; (applied to counselling as service option only; (which can be applicable to this section's service option as well!)
- Advise /advice on organically grown natural Herbal Remedies (of e.g. From various cultural origins/ transcendence, acknowledged by the world health organization WHO) (please be vigilant concerning experts claiming to sell the latter /etc /related, & actually does not have quality), /natural/ pure/ alternative medicine, flower remedies, symbiotic ecotherapies, natual vitamins, tinctures (derived not from genetically lab modified plants; however truly naturally cultivated, toppest quality guaranteed), oils of the essential, natural pills/ tablets/ capsules, gels etc, 4 clients to choose from @ Counselling Wellness Centre.
- Other interesting & related therapies e.g. Nutrition advice/ planning /preventative coaching /counselling /related guidelines etc & Techniques (as seen under about us... Segment, holistically tailored around individual/s needs, considering various problems not only eg socially/ environmentally etc).


Cost of these special sessions (machine testing (Assessment / Nutritional FeedBack...) & Counselling Coaching  (CC) e.g. Psychological/ Spiritual/ Individual/ Group...) normally are R600.00; The 1st session (1hr/longer @ a special price) will focus on both aspects, & eg follow-up sessions will be hourly based as well; (R600.00 for machine testing & or counselling /coaching as mentioned; The client can choice to combine machine testing & counselling coaching again or focus only on counselling alone @ a special price); This is a special option, most popular/ cost effective brought straight to you from Counselling Wellness! SOMETIMES Payable via eg eft, credit/ debit card/ cheques. Preferably before session begins, cash are mostly accepted.


- (All initial sessions payment must be upfront & in full via eg EFT, more than a few sessions normally recommended).


Clients can normally claim certain services /tariffs via their medical aid/ insurance /funds /contracts depending on various factors, however eg alternative therapies/ synergetic therapies & coaching are more often not covered.


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General Counselling Wellness (known as Holistic Wellness (HW) option available especially @ Counselling Wellness Centre, click HERE to view these.



4 more/ any info on Holistical Counselling (HC) as specifically discussed/ applied by Counselling Wellness Centre as well as in the about us segment, the about us section has more info regarding all the parts above; / Especially integration, interrelatedness of understanding wholistically & choosing of special services especially offered @ Counselling Wellness Centre, to fit your/ your loved ones needs in the journey towards self healingClick HERE 4 a further preview, in the about section.


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Satisfy your/your families overall wellness needs through Counselling and Wellness Centre! Prevention is better than cure & wholeism is the power attained through holistic understandings/knowledges! Contact especially Counselling & Wellness Centre Today: 0127724056 / (All Hours!). Smsing welcomed. All ages welcome, please note the QRMA is not for pregnant woman/breastfeeding/children under 13. Pensioners/children etc special discounts are available on all service offerings!
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