The Specialized Quantum Magnetic Analysis Machine testing/Nutritional reporting /Feedback @ Counselling and Wellness Centre. (Price benefits incl). (Herbal Tinctures etc not incl in any prices mentioned on this website): Dont settle for less get the best care you can, contact Counselling and Wellness Centre today pop Aluschka v Heerden an email All ages welcome, discounts always possible. Please note the QRMA is not for pregnant woman/breastfeeding/children under 13. Pensioners/children etc special discounts are available on all service offerings supplied by Counselling and Wellness Center! For any further information or to book a session any time, please feel free to contact Aluschka via email on 

Offices is situated in 850 Meerlust Street. Willow Brooke. Willow Glen. Pretoria East.

Both of these branches are near famous restaurants, hospitals, top quality guesthouses, event centres, most popular attractions as well as related etc!


2. Wellness Sessions


QMRA (Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis) Machine Analysis & Nutritional Report only (Incl. a full report) (Excludes remedies, tincture, gels, additional/extra tests, etc). 1 hour/1 session


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